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Media Training

Communicate with confidence, control and credibility.
Whether you have good news to tell or a potential media crisis, how you communicate is critical to your reputation. Handling the media doesn’t have to be a nerve racking experience. Preparation is the key to your success. Preparation starts with tailored training from our experienced, expert media trainers.

Not only will you learn how to handle all types of media interviews, but also the communication techniques you need to diffuse potentially difficult situations and awkward questions. You will learn how to communicate your messages clearly to your target audience.

Media Trainers not only understand the media, but they will also research your organisation, your issues as well as help you develop and enhance your key messages.

Our highly effective Media Training combines theory with plenty of practical media interviews with video playback analysis.

We tailor individual interview scenarios, specifically for you.

We share our formulae for handling both crisis and success messages, dealing with aggressive questions from potentially hostile journalists and maintaining “grace under pressure”.

You’ll take part in realistic media interviews with tailored scenarios and playback analysis to prepare you for real-life Print, Radio and Television Interviews. You will learn how to identify your key messages and how to promote the good news within your organisation.

We alert you to the pitfalls, show how to stay on message and how to avoid those tricky journalistic traps that can so easily snare even seasoned media performers.

Media training works best when it is tailored to you, your organisation and your issues.We discuss your training programme with you, research your organisation and design a programme that will give you exactly what you want from your workshop.We’re also here for you after the course is over, offering free on going support, rehearsal and advice for your next live media interview.Even more, we will come to you and run training in your own premises, anywhere or abroad if appropriate.


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