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Internal Communication & Change Management
Kreatif internal communications team works with companies on the design and implementation of successful employee-communications and change-management programs. We help organizations reach their financial objectives through challenging transitions such as: mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, reorganizations/restructurings, leadership changes, culture change/alignment, crises/litigation, productivity, quality, safety efforts, corporate branding/repositioning, downsizing/facility closings, benefits changes, labor disputes/negotiations.

Our unique approach to employee communications

We drive bottom-line results by helping organizations focus on performing, not just informing. This is done through the right mix of information, dialogue, training, learning, and motivation (reward, recognition, evaluation) that focuses on gaining employees: understanding and acceptance of the need for change, awareness of the change, engagement in the change process. We center our communications efforts on the organization’s business strategies by linking individual employee performance and the organization’s strategies in ways that can be measured, commitment to make the change a success.


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