Events Management

Kreatif has expertise in producing large-scale events – involving thousands of people – with sophisticated lighting, video, and production setups, as well as providing a subtle, professional backdrop for small management or media events. Our range of experience is extensive, from meetings in university stadiums to events occurring on digital media at the individual’s command. We have worked with senior executives, members of Parliament, Prime Ministers and Presidents. The team finds and books entertainers, bands, and even movie stars.

At Kreatif, we know that consistency drives the content of an event. We provide art direction and production of all aspects of a show. Event branding; scripting; presentation design; staging; lighting; sound; and collateral materials, including banners, signage, attendee identity systems, and invitations, as well as interactive vehicles are all strategically planned to support the message. All of this ensures a seamless, integrated, well-designed, successful event.

For an event to be successful it requires a clear and robust concept, which is aligned with the event aims, the needs of the target market and other relevant stakeholders. As part of the event design process we ask our Clients to answer the 5 W’s – what, why, who, where and when?

What – type and scope of proposed event?

Why– what is the event supposed to achieve?

Who – is the event for?

Where –location and venue?

When – time of year, day of week, start and finish?

Having all the answers helps us choosing the ideal concept that can provide effective brand positioning, as well as generate positive awareness. The right concept for a specific event is crucial in making a favorable impression on all stakeholders.

Strong logistics management is absolutely essential in delivering the business results expected from the event.  Our in-depth event management methodology has been developed and proven over the last 5 years, and is consistently recognized as best-in-class by our clients.

Pre-Event Logistics include:

  • Development and management of timelines
  • Budget development and management
  • Venue arrangements, including contracts
  • Full management of all logistical program elements, including but not limited to:

    • Site research and selection | Food and beverage planning | Travel management | Group activity planning and management | General session staging, production and technical requirements | Breakout session audio visual requirements | Theme décor and entertainment planning and management | Meeting logistics coordination | On-site office infrastructure | Speaker selection, negotiation, and management | Program security | Research and procure program amenities
  • Recruitment of professional, certified on-site staff


Integrated Event Management is a full service of creative and technical event production support, focusing on live events, hybrid meetings and e-Learning – all designed to build value, improve usability, and maximize event content exposure.

From breakouts to ballrooms…and beyond. Kreatif’s Integrated Event Management system is committed to serve our clients professionally and efficiently throughout the entire life cycle of an event by providing creative design, innovative technical solutions, competitive pricing, flawless execution and personalized service.

Using the service of Onsite Management makes Kreatif responsible for the setup and details at the event facility, on the day of the event. As part of the responsibilities and tasks of an onsite manager (Agency), the location where the event will be hosted must tightly correspond to the client’s brief. All the details from décor to photographer/videographer must be checked. If there is a need for security, then the event onsite management/Agency must check that all protocols are followed.

In order to ensure that all the time spent for precise planning leading to an unforgettable experience for our Clients We in Kreatif follow some tips that always help us:

  • We make it easy for or Clients/attendees to get in
  • We check if we have everything that we need
  • We reward our attendees
  • We make every event interesting
  • We choose event day staff wisely
  • We fix problems quickly
  • We keep generating Buzz
  • We don’t forget to have fun

In Kreatif we offer product or service that is designed, supplied, built, or installed fully complete and ready to operate. The term implies that the end user just has to turn a key and start using the product or service.

The term turn-key project (Turn-key delivery) describes a project(or the delivery of such) in which the Agency is responsible to the client for the entire result of the project and presents it to the client completely finished and ready to use.

Events Management